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The Silent Spring of 2020

I’m sending you an armful of unifying Jamaican One Love from our veranda in Montego Bay and imagining you living in good health and well-being. We’re excited to let you know that in March 2020 our first grandchild was born. Because of the crazy worldwide “lockdown” we, sadly, couldn’t fly to Philadelphia to hug and play with him. (I called the time “Silent Spring of 2020.”)

In pondering how to be a good grandmother from afar, I decided to do some research and writing on the history, safety, and efficacy of vaccines. I was alarmed about what I found and felt compelled to share it with everyone I could, along with positive actions we can take to help heal ourselves and our earthly home and to keep healthy. In my resulting e-book, I cover the questions I asked and the range of fascinating answers I found, ranging from Covid-19, the 74 vaccine injections recommended for babies from day one through age 18, and the pneumonia, shingles, and flu shots for adults. I also uncovered information about smallpox, polio, and measles, totally different from what most of us have been taught.

I strongly believe in the importance of questioning, especially the claims of the pharmaceutical companies. They spend, more than any other industries, highly influential funds on advertising, lobbying, and incentivizing the medical system, media, legislators, and oversight agencies.

Since most people don’t have the time to dig deeper into these issues, I am offering you my e-book for free. It’s my hope that spreading this information will help reduce the number of chronic illnesses, disabilities, neurological problems, and deaths that are rapidly rising likely caused by the toxins in our vaccines and environment. I encourage you to read it, share it, and send me your conclusions. Hopefully, you will find the resources to be edifying, uplifting, and activating! Here’s the link to download: https://live-itup.com/silent_spring_uncovering_illusions/

May your peace bring you power, Cheri Avery Black