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Get My Ebook on Cancer Recovery and Visit “Alkalife Jamaica”

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Find out more about our experience of living “fulljoy” in harmony with the rest of nature. Jamaica is a wonderful place to support our bodies’ amazing ability to maintain or regenerate a natural alkaline balance. Our support comes by limiting intake of anything that creates an internal acidic environment. This can come from an unhealthy response to stress, from sugar, sweeteners, junk foods, fast foods, processed foods, wheat, gluten, and soda, animal products including dairy, and from a myriad of toxins, including vaccine adjutants, GMOs, EMFs, and glyphosates.

As “The Land of Wood and Water,” Jamaica has hundreds of springs with refreshing alkaline water. Jah B and his nephews hike up a nearby mountainside to source ours. For our vegetables and fruits Jah B has created a small, organic farm, in the midst of the “woods,” without the use of chemicals or fertilizers. He nurtures the land and green growth with Love to supplement the water and sunshine.

With the same Love, he uses produce from our organic farm to prepare homegrown Jamaican meals and colorful juices that I refer to as contributing to our “live-it” rather than “die-t.” This is in the Rastafari tradition of aligning the sounds of words with their meanings. Did you know that the word “universe” literally means “one song” (uni=one, verse=song). In this song there is peace, laughter, joy, harmony, and balance.

We invite you to come and visit the farm for a alkaline detox or rebalancing retreat and to learn more about how to use food as medicine. You may reserve your lodging at the A great way to keep dis-eases at bay is to keep your body in a healthy alkaline environment ♥

You may wish to start with my e-book “Live It Up: How I Rebalanced My Body from a Grim State 4 Cancer Diagnosis in Less Than Three Months! Cancer…Not a Scary Monster…But a Life-Saving Muse.”

This 25-page document contains my cancer-recovery story that was published in the Amazon Best Seller “Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-Being,” my summary “15 Steps to Becoming a Miracle,” and a bonus chapter on “Making Meaning of Life,” the introduction to my husband’s and my memoir “Loving To Be WE: Receiving Mountains as Stepping Stones to Cross the Cultural Divide from Jamaica to the USA/Babylon.” (To order a copy, go to my website: