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We are miracles and co-creators of miracles!

This I know for sure — we are here on Earth to Live Life Fulltime, in vibrant health, happiness and abundance. Each of us is as unique as a snowflake making our individual mark on the world, with our minds expanding the possibilities, with bodies designed for well-being and healing, and with souls powered by love. We are challenged by what can seem to be stressful, unfair even unbearable assaults to our ability to live in joy and gratitude. In early 2013, mine was a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer of the lungs, uterus and liver–with a 10% chance to live. I made a lot of changes and in less than four months the cancer was gone and I was feeling more energetic than ever. A true miracle! I feel compassionately compelled to share how we co-created this miracle in me – as a way to enlighten others how you can do this too! Thankfully, in this journey, I keep attracting and learning from thrivers who have co-created miracles in their lives as well! Let’s keep in touch and dialogue about how we’re making this way of living mainstream – starting with tossing the negative-sounding die-it that is so detrimental to many American consumers and replacing it with nature’s wholesome bounty that we gave a positive name Live-it for a dis-ease-free joyful experience. Living Love and Life Fulltime, ‘Chia’ Cheri Avery Black