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Cancer Answers Summit Starts Dec. 7

It is an honor to invite you to join me for the most comprehensive online video summit on integrative, alternative and holistic approaches to cancer.

The Cancer Answers Global Summit will feature my video interviews with 22 of  the world’s leading integrative medical doctors, cancer and  health experts, researchers and survivors who will share the most up-to-date approaches for healing and preventing cancer and other diseases.

Starting on Monday, December 7th, you can view all of the video interviews in the series for FREE! To attend from anywhere in the world, go to this link :

With one in two men and one in three women projected to have cancer in their lifetime, we invite you to join our movement to help end the cancer epidemic. The health information shared by the doctors and experts in this summit will also educate you on preventive strategies to avoid disease in the first place!

Join me for The Cancer Answers Global Summit as doctors and experts reveal:

  • A variety of integrative and alternative cancer therapies you have probably never heard about
  • Cancer tests that can warn you about the potential for cancer years before traditional tests
  • Shocking cancer facts and cases
  • Natural healing approaches to reverse disease or avoid it in the first place
  • The benefits of plant-based foods in healing disease and extending longevity
  • A variety of nutritional approaches to healing
  • Medicinal mushrooms as an ally in disease reversal and prevention
  • The power of a mind/body/spirit approach to healing from cancer and other diseases
  • How emotions play a major role in the onset of disease, and how to resolve them
  • Successful cancer strategies and secrets from cancer survivors

It’s all FREE when you register here:

Featuring leading experts such as Dr.Ben Johnson, MD, Dr. Nalini Chilkov, OMD, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, MD, Brian Clement of Hippocrates Institute, Dr. Hyla Cass, MD, and Dr. Antonio Jimenez, MD, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

I can’t wait to join you again for The Cancer Answers Global Summit!

To Your Greatest Health,
Jean Swann  

Founder and Host
The Cancer Answers Global Summit