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Healing Vibes to Yvette and you


I feel so blessed that you (and husband Dave Ulloa) are among the souls I get to travel with–I’m so grateful that our paths crossed in wonderful WorldVentures. Yours is one of the main blogs I read (referred by mutual friend Roe DeSaro) once I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer with small chance of survival. You referred me to who also became a valuable resource. Largely through changing my S.A.D. diet (I now call live-it), sleep, exercise, prayer and meditation, biomat therapy, positive friends, acupuncture, and massage, the cancer became undetectable in less than 3 months. (

Now 3.5 years later the blood tests still register it undetectable. My 20 years of rheumatoid arthritis also disappeared, and 60 pounds of excess weight. Miracles happen, and I’m so inspired by yours. I’m sending you mountains of uplifting positive vibrations to help you through your current ‘gift/lessons’. A few months ago was the 22th anniversary of attracting my dream (loving, young, strong, handsome) husband (who was living in poverty raising his 2 little boys) and we celebrated in our 5-year old guest house villa in Jamaica which my husband built (I had visioned it in 1979 for my retirement). I joyfully claim to be the original ‘Stella who got her groove back,’ and am now finishing a book about the amazing journey.

I had both knees replaced 2 years ago and both grew scar tissue on the implants; arthroscopy removed it after the 3-4 months of walking didn’t dissolve it. Then, which is rare, it grew back again on my right knee; just got another arthroscopy and am working slowly to heal and strengthen the muscles. I’m very grateful I can walk even though I am still challenged with going up and down stairs. More lessons to go through. I like to imagine that the spirit/soul chose this life to experience difficulties that ‘crimp my style’ at least so I have more empathy for others in pain. Clearly my spirit/soul has remembered enough of the power available to us through our Source to enable my body to heal from it’s imbalance that brought forth the cancer as a last resort (cancer cells, we know, thrives on (and thus eliminate) excessive sugar, acid and toxins). It also miraculously healed a squashed vertebrate that had been precariously sticking into my spine. Give thanks and praises.

Thank YOU so much Yvette; I remember getting to hear you in person in NJ years ago talking about your journey and the beginnings of your healing and learnings from it all–so, so inspiring. I hold your hand in sisterhood knowing that All is Well and All will be Well. One Love.

CheriCheri with food at Pier 1