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Art of Wellness Helped Me Thrive – Now You Can Help them

Art of WellnessYan HuoFriend and founder, Yan Huo, of the Art of Wellness has a huge dream and vision of expanding into Philadelphia’s first Complete Wellness Center. It is exciting and so needed. Her principles and practices literally saved my life. Cancers, dis-eases and other imbalances in our body- mind- spirit can be healed and rebalanced through the network of services that she and her Center are building. I am eternally grateful for the care they provided which helped my stage-4 cancer (10% survival prognosis) disappear in 4 months – a miracle!! Now I’m maintaining vibrant health with their help!

I urge you to contribute to our fund drive (crowd funding), choose a perk and join our Wellness Revolution– click on: www.energypowUR.info   or






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I’m Donating Proceeds

SAMSUNGMy close family and friends were vital to my victory over dis-ease (stage 4 cancer) – or more accurately – my victory over the build-up of acid, sugar and other toxins overwhelming my body’s healing defenses.

Two angels in particular were especially instrumental in helping me to get my body back in balance — friend Yan Huo, founder of the 5 year old www.artofwellnesscenter.com and Susan Silberstein, founder of the Center for the Advancement of Cancer Education at www.beatcancer.org. Therefore, I’m gratefully donating the proceeds of my book sales to these two organizations and encouraging you to also let others know about these amazing resources.