Art of Wellness Helped Me Thrive – Now You Can Help them

Art of WellnessYan HuoFriend and founder, Yan Huo, of the Art of Wellness has a huge dream and vision of expanding into Philadelphia’s first Complete Wellness Center. It is exciting and so needed. Her principles and practices literally saved my life. Cancers, dis-eases and other imbalances in our body- mind- spirit can be healed and rebalanced through the network of services that she and her Center are building. I am eternally grateful for the care they provided which helped my stage-4 cancer (10% survival prognosis) disappear in 4 months – a miracle!! Now I’m maintaining vibrant health with their help!

I urge you to contribute to our fund drive (crowd funding), choose a perk and join our Wellness Revolution– click on:   or





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