Free TeleSummit

Each of the 40 amazing authors of the anthology ‘Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-being’ were interviewed and ‘aired’ live from March 10-19, 2014.  My interview was on the evening of March 12 and available for replay through March 16. I plan to get a copy and post it on this site soon.

(I’ve updated this post and removed the link to the schedule which is no longer listed.)

One thought on “Free TeleSummit

  1. Cheri Black Post author

    Hi Cherished Friends,
    I got to listen to most of the amazing women’s interviews – can’t wait to read their chapters in Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-Being. I read my chapter again and again – just to reconfirm how grateful I am for experiencing such a miracle this past year. Actually two…. and I’m now working on a third! Let’s talk!


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